We had our baby boy - Grayson Evergreen Bancroft, on July 17, 2016. I'm taking a bit of a hiatus to fully take in and enjoy life with our new baby. I hope to be back to blogging in early 2017. Hope everyone has a great holiday!

- Lots of Love, Laura

Pregnancy Essentials | So Far

These shots are from a few weeks ago when we attended our good friend's wedding in Squamish BC. Getting dressed for a wedding when sporting a huge bump is an interesting task, especially when the forecast includes rain, mud, sun and who know what else. But, we did it and had a great time!

Below I'm sharing some of the things I've found really useful during pregnancy (from 1st Trimester to now). Some are pretty common and others are on the quirkier side - enjoy!

Pregnancy Essentials So-Far:

  1. Bumpnest Pregnancy Pillow. I cannot say enough good things about this pregnancy pillow. I'm not sure what's going on with their shop at the moment but I would buy one of these for every pregnant person I know if I could afford it. I've been using it since the first trimester and it has kept my narcoleptic nights steady. It supports your hips, knees and keeps you from rolling onto your back. It only gets more useful as I get bigger and sleeping gets harder.
  2. Coconut Oil. I have been using straight up coconut oil mixed with a bit of vitamin E for the entire pregnancy. At the moment I have trouble imagining my stomach stretching anymore and putting this on seems to ease the stretching or any itching I've been experiencing. I like that with this I know exactly what's in it - plain & simple. 
  3. Prenatal Vitamins. I'm no doctor, but I am taking these ones and they've been really easy on my stomach.
  4. A great water bottle. In the last year I've really put an emphasis on drinking water more regularly. I actually think I was chronically dehydrated before but that's another story. Hydration only becomes that much more important when you're knocked up. If I don't carry a bottle everywhere I don't drink enough. I love this bottle with a filter because it means you can fill up anywhere and your water always tastes great. * Don't forget to change the filter regularly
  5. Homemade Chicken Broth (or going out for Ramen). This was more for the first trimester when food and my stomach just weren't getting along. Bone broth is great for vitamins and minerals, and also provides a good source of a bit of fat when you're having trouble stomaching much - also super easy to make at home. If you're in Vancouver and looking for a good Ramen spot check out The Ramen Butcher or Marutama. They are seriously good. Tyler and I joke that this baby was basically built out of ramen because it's all I wanted in the first trimester.
  6. Bananas. Potassium has become super important the last couple of weeks because I am trying to avoid the dreaded leg cramps/spasms that are a not so fun part of pregnancy. I have had only a few and let me tell you - these things are no f'ing joke. I basically terrified Tyler the first time it happened because he woke up from a deep sleep thinking I had gone into labour from the noises I was making (stifled screaming an deep breathing). Calcium, potassium, hydration, stretching and magnesium are big factors in muscle cramping so I'm doing everything I can to keep those things in check and it seems to be helping a lot.
  7. Exercise Ball. This one is multi-faceted. Great to sit on when everything else makes your back sore. We'll be using this one (that we bought on Amazon) for the labour as well. I also know they're really great to bounce a baby to sleep on after they're born. Last but not least, they improve your posture and can help get the baby into position for birth.
  8. Robot Arm Toy. Ok this may be the weirdest thing on the list by a long shot, but let me tell you, it's awesome. When I hit about 31 weeks I pretty much began refusing to pick things up off the floor. If something fell, it would stay there until I got really ambitious or Tyler came home and helped. We were at ToysRUs recently and bought this robot arm toy as a total joke for about $5.00. Joke was on us - it's amazing! It makes picking up clothes (and pretty much anything) so easy! Super handy - and hilarious. As a bonus, I'm sure our son will play with it some day.