So I'm really excited about this post. I have been wanting to make homemade ice cream since the year we went to Sasquatch and they served 'Molly Moon's' ice cream backstage. They had flavours like salted caramel and honey lavender. They were amazing and next time you're in Seattle you should check them out. Tyler & I may be known  amongst our friends for making late night blizzard and Menchie's trips. It's a bit of a ritual actually- tv show series marathons with ice cream. This was a way to make it a fun activity and also know what is going into the products we're eating. I love the idea of fresh and simple (even if sometimes it's also decadent).  Ever since Sasquatch I have been thinking up combinations to try out, so I went and picked up a cute little small serving Hamilton Beach ice cream maker at London Drugs for about $40. I can't wait for Tyler to get home from tour in a few days :D so he can try out this first test batch with me!

I thought I'd try salted caramel first as the salty-sweet combinations are always my favourites. Also my lavender isn't growing just yet. I've basically summarized the epicurious recipe on this site but added my own thoughts on it. Their recipe is comprised of two parts 1. making the homemade salted caramel and then 2. making the ice cream base (which are then mixed together and frozen). I listed the ingredients as I found them on the website, but have decided that you could probably up the amount of salt they use in the salted caramel & cut down/or get rid of the 1/4 cup of sugar they use in the second (ice cream) step. The caramel you make in the first step is plenty sweet enough to sweeten the entire batch. Also, their ice cream base is more of a custard so it's quite rich and doesn't freeze to hard in the freezer. I might try out another recipe that is more traditional ice cream recipe to compare. 

 *And, if you don't have an ice cream maker you can check out this site which shows you how to replicate the conditions using rock salt and ice. 

Overall I'd say this recipe was VERY successful for a first attempt and makes about 2 mason jars of ice cream that last about 1 week in the freezer. It's pretty to top the ice cream with a TINY bit of flaky sea salt when you serve it. The mason jars would be awesome to bring to dinner parties or give as a gift. I also fully understand if you want to keep the entire thing for yourself-I don't judge. I will also be trying some frozen yogourt and reduced sugar/milk substitute versions which I may also bring to the blog. 

Hope you enjoy!

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 *Make sure to leave a little room at the top of your mason jars when freezing so that it doesn't crack the glass if it expands ;)