Sunroom Wish List


It's finally becoming the time of the year to laze in the sun and relax. We have a really great little sunroom in out house - if you follow me on Instagram you've undoubtedly seen photos. It's a sweet, little room in the front of our home with giant, openable windows that look out onto a sea of green in the summer time. Great for those days when it's beautiful out but you just don't want to trek too far from home to enjoy the weather.

Outfitting our home is a constant in my life. I'm always changing what I like, moving things and basically just trying to shake things up. This time around in this room I'm striving to stay simple and use objects the really meet our 'function' needs, as much as our 'form' wants. 

We have lights strung across the windows to welcome friends when the sun goes down. To avoid fighting with the pre-existing, teracotta-style tiles, I'm sticking with a light and fresh vacation-getaway style. I have added a few plants and recently scored a beautiful woven hammock chair (like the one above) at a film set sale for $10! Throw in a bar cart, open the windows and flip on some records and we'll have a great slumber spot in the evening sun :) 

Hope everyone else is soaking up these rays and enjoying the onset of Summer!