Trend ♡ | Blush + Copper

Myself + Pink have never really made friends. It might be due in part to the colour of my hair. I was blonde growing up + was always trying to avoid the 'dumb blonde' sterotype. Which, as a side note, my adult-self is aware is complete bologna (which also happens to share hue). While I am a girl through and through, I don't consider myself uber girly and Pink is the tonal definition of just that. I like it here and there, but we don't get down on the regular.

Recently a certain pink-containing combination has snuck itself into my pinterest feed + thus into my heart, as most pinners are acutely aware happens much too easily. 

Blush + Copper | Pink + Copper | Rosegold | Pink + Brass

Call it what you will, this duo has finagled it's way into my mind in the sick way only something of  a Pepto Bismol shade could. I love it while simultaneously being aware that reflecting on the tone trend will likely make me cringe later in life. It's warm, it's soft, it glows, while also being modern and shapely and unique.

I don't know if I have the balls to convert the interior of my home to girly blush as I'm more partial to a basic, minimal Scandinavian white. But, I will share with you the pins of this combo that have piqued my interest and stolen my heart.


What do you think of this trend? Pink + Pukey, Beautiful Blush? ..........Always love to hear what you think.

ps - I can't think of one more way to name pink so I'm out. 

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