A little taste of life...

A little photographic evidence of the real-life Summer I wrote about being wrapped up in, in my last post. This Summer has been a return to the things that mattered in life before things got complicated. Simple pleasures. We've spent a lot of time on the water - my favourite place on earth. I will never feel more at home than bobbing among salty waves.

I'm in that amazing, busy stage of life where things can get very serious sometimes. People I love are getting married, celebrating unions and having babies. For me the greatest joy of these milestones is not so much the events that surround them (weddings, showers etc.) but the way they bring friends together to celebrate our lives together.

We've spent more hazy, hot Summer days together with the ones we love than any Summer I can remember. Life's getting more serious as we grow older, but it has this way of making you reflect on and delve into the simple things you found pure, unadulterated joy in when you were young. It's not regressing out of fear of change. It's reflecting and reiterating who you've become and where you come from and what you want to carry forward in your future. 

For our friends, and even more directly Tyler and I, our ideal on of Summer life is a West Coast dream. We've both grown up with strong roots in the ocean and the outdoors - as you're probably aware of from this blog. Breaking bread and drinking drinks on the ocean, plunging sun-kissed, warm bodies into the salty waves, sleeping on boats under the stars ... this is in our DNA. And so, it seems only right that when so much life-change is underway, there is joy in bringing the celebration of this change back to the basics. 

photo 4.JPG
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photo 3.JPG

I have a multitude more photos where those came from, but i just can't seem to find the time lately to get them all up. Keep an eye out for some of the weddings and showers I'm helping out with in the next 2 weeks - they're keeping me pretty busy right now. I also have a new project that is launching in the Fall that I'm really excited about - cryptic I know, but soon all will be revealed. Hope your Summer's are treating you well!