Spring. Not Sprung just yet.

We've been lucky enough to get some sunshine on our skin these past few days in Vancouver and it's got me fast-tracked to Spring/Summer daydreaming: shorts, dresses, bathing suits, beach days, bonfires, nights on the boat in far away places and road trips down south with our little Boler trailer are hard to keep at bay.

Hold on! Mother nature tricks me every year. So, in an effort to beware, let's take this relationship slow. We can emerge from this seasonal hibernation by baring our toes (toe maintanence required) and donning some shades (without looking hung over/crazy), while keeping nice and warm in layers (that we can shed quickly should the sun make an appearance).

Not yet there Spring.

On a side note: I'm really digging the more ladylike birkenstock sandals, something I never thought I'd be into. They're form meets function in a minimal, quality craftsmanship, geometric kind of way. Still too weird and hippyish? Hmm. Will have to let this one percolate a bit before making any commitments in my wardrobe.