Listening to | King Krule

Tunes for Yous. 

Finding new music requires a lot of dedication and time. I figure it's good karma to pass on some finds and that way one day other good music will find it's way to me through the ears of charitable others. 

I'm getting super excited to let the new music of King Krule rule my eardrums this Saturday. I first found this guy's music when he posted on band camp under the title Zoo Kid. If you have never heard "Out Getting Ribs" you have never heard a young man pour his old soul out. His vocals are those of a british, raspy chain smoker from the 50's. 

I  dare you: Look at this face. Imagine what music he would make and then click PLAY. Be ready to blown away. 


If you're anything like me you love a good Fleet Foxes tune. J. Tillman is pretty amazing and his other project Father John Misty does not disappoint. Part folk, part retro rock throw back, with smoky vocals and the amazing harmonies that Tillman always delivers. Check out Funtimes in Babylon for just a taste.