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As of this Summer I have decided the BBQ is my new best friend. I have been having so much fun grilling all sort of things and wanted to share and hopefully get some feedback from you on what food you like to BBQ.

By the way, as I write a post all about BBQ'ing I'm trying to avoid the twangy, hick music playing in my head, or pictures of those big guy, extreme grilling shows on the food network. You can make some seriously amazing meals on the BBQ and it doesn't have to be, well... like that.

We don't have a big backyard, but we do have a small porch that we're lucky enough to be able to put a little bbq out on. This is a huge bonus as I know most apartments and suites don't come equipped with the space to do this. But, even if we didn't have the space at home, I'm sure we'd find our way to parks & beaches to grill dinner. 

Here are links to some of the recipes I've recently tried and loved:

  • Salmon Healthy & Delicious! I know this is a simple go to but it's such a good meal if you're doing a dinner for one. This fish is relatively inexpensive (about 6$ for a single serving) & you can serve it with pretty much any vegetable (which can also be grilled) as a side. I also plan to try cooking it on a cedar plank this week!

*As a side note most salmon recipes call for long marinade time. I usually don't have that time when I'm trying to do a million things in the evening. Just throwing on a little bbq sauce or simple lemon/dill salt & pepper before grilling always works for me.

  •  Watermelon  Yes, you read right. This was kind of a neat experiment. I've yet to perfect it, but am determined. It's a little bit like a sweet/savoury grilled squash when cooked on the bbq. Would be good with a tart cheese like chevre.
  • Corn on the Cob Seriously delicious seasonal choice. I chopped fresh rosemary into the butter before cooking it and it was delicious. I also love throwing the corn on the grill husk-less.   

*When it comes to produce I try to cook seasonally. I head to produce stores (Donald's or Young's if you're in Vancouver) and pick up whatever seems like a good price and find ways to cook it. It's a fun challenge and gets you learning new recipes pretty fast. 

  • Spicy Chicken Sprinkle a little taco seasoning (I like Trader Joes) on a chicken breast and throw on the grill. Easy. Great on a taco salad and even better to grill corn at the same time and throw it in there with it.

Hope this gives you some dinner ideas for the Summer. What are your favourite things to cook on the BBQ?