A tasteful farewell to Singledom.

When one of your best friends gets engaged it's bound to be both exciting and overwhelming. If you're anything like me, your mind immediately commences thought vomit. Basically, my brain becomes the jumping off point for a plethora of dreamy event ideas. Things you can plan to help celebrate their happiness and this upcoming, monumental change in their life.

Marriage? I'm still not sure the wedding thing is for me. I am yet to be convinced it is something I need in my future. I do however know that I love to dote on those nearest + dearest in my life. Parties, laughter, dinners, loving-tear-fests....they all become a part of the near future with friends' weddings on the horizon. They launch my brain into a lovely creative and emotional overload.

Fast forward this story a few months to the moment when aforementioned best friend gets pregnant with her first baby, unexpectedly, while still engaged. That thought pile of celebration ideas needed to take on a new identity. All plans now had this new necessity - to fit, and become personalized to this new mama-to-be in a way that would make her happiest.

For us (myself + the bride's talented future sister-in-law Holly Clarke organized the day), the challenge became creating a fun 'bachelorette' (I loathe that word by the way) that would be relaxing, calm, full of snacks, and just altogether lovely. 

Breaking down an event to its core values is one of my favourite things. This night became about the things in life that are truly valuable: Friends, relaxation, laughter, good food and making memories.

We opted to skip out on the raunchy and raucous and instead focus on pampering in good company as follows:

  • The Bird's Nest: A private brunch at the home of a Vancouver chef who makes incredible food. 
  • An afternoon at the spa with two treatments, a light lunch and makeup touchups before heading out
  • A candlelit, twinkle light-full, dinner outside finishing off with a movie projected under the stars 

If you visited my blog you have likely seen Dani in photos. Dani's fiance Matt, and Tyler (my boyfriend), share a kind of brotherly love that I think few, grown heterosexual men can understand. And with respect to that Dani and I share a kind of understanding of each others lives that is unique to us. I am so lucky to have found such an amazing friend, that was basically tailor made for me. Dani and Matt have been together for about 12 years. It's really exciting to watch them hurdle into this next stage of life with barely an ounce of fear. I feel like this girl deserves all the best and more, and as a friend I hope her bachelorette was just that.

Mad Libs, Bachelorette Style...

The cliche toilet-paper-dress contest with a twist - extra points for a maternity-appropriate gown.

No time for cooking when you're at the spa all afternoon. Pizza and homemade salads - prepped earlier in the day.

For every Daddy's girl out there, we ended the night with Steve Martin's 'Father of the Bride'.