Baby Bancroft

After a long break from social media and blogging, I return to this site to share some exciting, positive news!

We're expecting a baby boy in mid-August!

Photo taken by Elissa Crowe - this girl is magic, check out her work!

To get real for a moment, it scares the heck out of me to be sharing this news before our baby makes it's (fingers crossed) debut. Take a bit of a hypochondriac and mix it with two successive miscarriages and you end up with the world's most superstitious, playing-it-safe preggo - legitimately worrying about whether announcing a pregnancy might derail it in some way. But, as I type this there is currently a 28 week old baby boy squirming and kicking away at my belly and I think that this moment alone is reason to share and celebrate the good moments happening now. Also, it seems only fair to share good news with those of you who have been so kind to support and commiserate with me in the not so great times - thank you!!

For those momma's who have or may be in the midst of experiencing miscarriage here's some info I found helpful when trying to conceive after our losses. I'll never know if my current pregnancy's progression has anything to do with the things I tried, but it sure made me feel better to do something, rather than nothing.

Following the last pregnancy, we decided to hold off 'trying' for a month to my body adjust and care for itself. I was on the waiting list for the recurrent loss clinic at BC Women's, but the wait was months and I felt I needed to address some things more quickly than that.

To cope with the anxiety and give me the illusion of a little bit of control over my body I decided to visit Yinstill Reproductive Wellness in Vancouver. They were amazing. After dealing with the medical system for the last couple of months (who I am still very thankful to - don't get me wrong), approaching the situation more holistically was really refreshing. Dr.Pentland and Dr.Fisher were so well experienced in reproductive challenges and took the time to talk about specifics of my personal situation that at times felt overlooked. I felt sincerely cared for and supported by people who were well versed in these issues - such a relief! I did weekly acupuncture (which is also great meditation time) up until the end of the first trimester. I also consulted with a wonderful in-house naturopath (Dr.Shilo) about diet and vitamin care and did a few IV vitamin therapies. I highly recommend this team. For me it was worth the investment in caring for my mental and physical wellness. It also provided me with people to talk to during the most anxious time of the entire pregnancy (for me) - the first trimester - when my other losses had occurred.

At the same time I also saw my GP who I have a really good relationship with. She finally diagnosed me as hypothyroid - something I have suspected for a couple of years and had been struggling to get taken seriously. Basically this means I have an underfunctioning thyroid because (in my case) my immune system is attacking my thyroid (an autoimmune disorder). Not enough thyroid hormone can cause all sorts of weird things to happen in your body, and can also play a role in miscarriage - read more about it here. I can't say enough about being an advocate for your own health. I had been tired, had experiences months of vertigo migraines and gained weight over the last 3 years (no matter how much I worked out/ate healthy). I had also been constantly given a low ferritin (iron store) score in blood tests. No matter how much iron I took or ate, it didn't increase. I had never had iron issues before so something was definitely off. I was put on a low dose thyroid medication in November to help with all of this. I will be on it for the rest of my life. It seems crappy, but honestly it's just such a relief to have a solution after spending so many years with this mystery. I had to go back to the doctor so many times asking for tests before they would diagnose me. After starting the medication my ferritin levels rapidly bounced back and I was able to meet the first trimester recommended thyroid hormone levels recommended for a healthy pregnancy. Maybe one day I'll write a bit more about how thyroid effects pregnancy and what you should look for if you are trying to maintain a pregnancy after losses- but for now I'll try to keep it short.

Some photos from along the way: *They're chronological, but bumps sure are tricky - they show and hide at the weirdest times in photos!

So here we are! I am 28 (almost 29) weeks and headed into the third trimester. A couple of highlights/interesting parts of the pregnancy so far:

  • We found out December 3rd (also my brothers birthday). Man I got good at knowing the signs of pregnancy right away after getting pregnant 3 times in 6 months!
  • At about 7 weeks the pregnancy was confirmed with an ultrasound showing a tiny embryo with a regular, strong heartbeat and the sweetest little limb buds! I can't describe the relief at that appointment.
  • We were totally convinced it was a boy. My amazing friends Dani, Sarah and Holly threw us a gender reveal party on Valentine's day and shared the news by baking an amazing croque-en-bouche (a tower of cream puffs) - each filled with blue icing. I can't say thank you enough to them for being so supportive and amazing during this whole process. I'm so thankful for good friends.
  • I had bad morning sickness up until around week 16+? I threw up every single morning. But, it was kind of a huge relief because it let me know my body was still making hormones to sustain the baby. Like Tyler said "I've never been so relieved to be woken up by someone throwing up beside me every morning" Lol, sorry Tyler.
  • I haven't had crazy cravings really. I am going through an insane amount of milk weekly. Honestly, nothing has ever tasted so good. Sugary things taste so overly sweet to me that I can't usually even get through a full ice cream cone - I guess that's not a bad thing. At the beginning all I wanted were things I couldn't eat: salami, deli meat and fancy cheeses. I normally have a pretty huge sweet tooth so this was surprising to me.

So in short, thanks again to anyone who has supported us and kept up with our story. We appreciate your love and good wishes from the bottom of our hearts. And, if you have any questions about miscarriage and want resources feel free to shoot me an email - I'm happy to share what I've learned.

I'm looking forward to sharing the last trimester of this journey with you!