Berlin | Germany

Berlin was everything we had wanted and then some. Basically take the coolest neighbourhood in your city and times that by a bazillion and Berlin is born. Then, fill it with people who are haphazardly dressed in a way that makes you feel like you're the nerdy kid in class pushing your glasses up by the taped spot in between your eyes - mind you, people probably rock glasses like that in Berlin in a way that would make you wish you were them.

The city is beautiful, art runs rampant, the transit is incredible (getting everywhere is so super simple), and there are so many unique areas to visit. The shopping and restaurants are top notch. On top of that, there is so much history to learn about while you're wandering.

We will most definitely return to Berlin in the future.

This is in the Mitte district. If you're looking for an area where you can drool over beautiful art, home decor and fashion that will cost you a month's rent, this is the place to be.

We were lucky enough to stay at the Michelberger Hotel. This super hip place to lay your head was a minimalist/plywood lover's dream. We got one of the lofted rooms and I have to say - the beds/bedding was some of my favourite that I've ever experienced in a hotel. Crisp and clean white clouds that were made fresh everyday upon return to the room.


The only shots I have of me in Berlin.

Michelberger Hotel, Berlin

Little fun, quirky design details that made all the difference.

How amazing is the common area/bar in the lobby of this hotel? Even if you don't stay here I recommend making a trip to grab some drinks and lounge in this space. The hotel really caters to arts and music and you can often find some of your favourite bands playing shows here.

This is the really lovely restaurant attached to the hotel. We did breakfast here one day during our stay. It was a tiny bit expensive for us - as we don't normally eat a ton in the morning - but definitely worth it to try. You buy a token in the lobby (below) and trade it in when you get the the dining room and chow down on everything you can think of for breakfast.

These mini waffles (above) were so amazing - super light and thinner than your average American style waffle - meaning a better sauce to waffle ratio, can't complain about that.

This is the atrium in the middle of the hotel. It's full of lights and places to hang for a dink before heading out.

More photos of the lobby and bar area.

One of the first places we went to when we got in was the Turkish Street market. A friend had recommended it to us, and it didn't disappoint. So much great food, textiles, sweets and clothing to check out.

You know that thing you wish you'd purchased when you return from a trip? This is it for me. Major leather slipper regret.

Who can resist a trip to Hay, one of my favourite Scandinavian design stores. This was in the Mitte district I mentioned earlier. Too bad everything I wanted to buy was too big for my suitcase.

Aesop in the Mitte district as well - the staff here was so incredibly sweet and helpful, the kindest people we met on our trip! Their Rejuvenate Intensive Body Balm is my indulgent jam - I would kill for a perfume in this sandalwood, vanilla, tangerine scent.

One of the unexpected best meals of our entire trip. Who knew Vietnamese in Berlin would be so darn good?

One of the best things about Berlin is everyone's relaxed attitude. Everyone rides their bikes everywhere (looking totally effortlessly beautiful while doing it). The restaurants all have these amazing patios that spill into the streets. It's not all seriously zoned like Vancouver. People hang out on the streets with drinks and music, enjoying each others' company until late into the night. If Vancouver could loosen up a bit and adopt Berlin's laid back attitude our social scene would be so much more enjoyable. Who doesn't want to sit outside in good company with a beer and good food? It's so un-obnoxious and pleasant.

While we were in Berlin our good friends 'We Are The City' were playing a show. They were actually filming a documentary about their entire European tour that you can check out on their site. We went and watched them play and then grabbed breakfast with them at a super sweet, Pepto-pink cafe the next morning. Meeting up with friends in other countries is by far one of my favourite travel experiences and luckily we got to do it quite a bit this trip.

Woah. Breakfast.

Hometown friends in far away places.

Berlin has a really amazing sense of community and family oriented living. The neighbourhood in the area around Napoljonska was filled with sweet shops, families coming and going from school with their kids and amazing homes. We spent a good afternoon walking off that breakfast in this part of Berlin

Next up is Spain!