Well it's officially Summer. Summer for me = Copious amounts of time spent in bodies of water. I'm basically a fish during this season, so it only seems right to share some swim attire that I'm liking right now. As I get up there in the age digits, finding bathing suits I like is becoming a little more of a challenge - I also seem to choose some outrageously priced suits which always baffles me, less material = more money? - who came up with that equation? Anyways, it's not so much the subtle changes in my body (though that definitely factors in ), but my swimsuit tastes have changed. I prefer the high waisted and one pieces (gasp). There's something classic and understatedly sexy about them. I also love a black suit with an interesting cut and try to veer more on the side of timeless than trendy.

*To get the sources of the suits please click the image to go to my polyvore list.