All your 'eggs' in one basket.

I want my home to feel like a blank canvas. At this stage in my life there's enough craziness everyday that when I come home I want to put away all the jumble and have an open space to think in. For my mind, open space translates into the ability to relax and gain clarity. It's space to dream up ideas and make plans for the future. It's kind of like the spatial version of a big breath of fresh air.

Then reality rears its ugly head. Our homes must also function for everyday needs - first world problems right here. We need tools. We own THINGS (way too many things). Thus comes in planning that incorporates form with function.

Enter the catchall...Baskets can be an effortless way to conceal clutter.

For a living room, a bedroom, a laundry room, even a craft room - baskets can do the trick to hide your belongings from yourself and visitors. Group your wrapping paper rolls, throw your cozy, couch blankets loosely in when not in use, tuck away your knitting supplies, use as waste basket, conceal your q-tips & cotton balls. There's a size for almost anything.

I'm a fan of chunky, classic, thick, woven versions - with leather handles and sometimes trims of white paint. I like the natural, fibrous texture alongside my plants in my otherwise stark home. I find they also function to tie together our warm-ish wood floors (unchangeable) and our white walls.

The only things that makes baskets difficult is they need a quick dust every once and awhile. But hey, there are worse things.

Grab a basket and chuck your stuff in to declutter your space. That way you can spend more time enjoying life and less time cleaning!