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So the fun news is.... We've booked a trip to Bali! 

We are so, so lucky and so very excited to be heading to Bali for 2 weeks in mid-January (16-31st)! It's pretty spontaneous, but when you date someone in a touring band you jump on any opportunity (when they're home) to get away together.

We will be arriving in Bali during the rainy season, but to be honest, I'm that much more excited to experience tropical monsoon weather with daily changes in sunshine and temperature. When I was younger all i wanted were hot, sunny vacations. These days i want to travel for more than just the beach (hopefully we'll get a few of those days too).

 These photos have been graciously borrowed from 

These photos have been graciously borrowed from 

I love to start vacations with a vague idea of a plan but with ample room for spontaneity. I think my friends would attest that I am very difficult to make large plans in advance with (sorry guys). I like to relax and have the opportunity to let life play itself out in the best way possible. I think it's my mechanism for curbing my tendency to over plan and become anxious about all minute details that don't seem to matter when you're there anyways. From the time I was little my Mom swore that I liked planning my birthday parties way more than having them - Mom, you were right (you're always right).

Also, this is the first real trip Tyler and I will have gone on together. We've done tons of road trips, camping and mini-tours, but this will be a different experience for us. He loves to rough it (as most boys do) and doesn't require a lot more than the essentials. i wouldn't call myself a high maintenance traveller at all, but I'm probably a tad needier than him. I love trips with little baggage and low expectations (ad they always exceed your dreams), but I also love to have a safe, calm, clean place to lay my head at night. With a good sleep you can tackle anything - and a good sleep makes me a lot easier to be around as well. Plus  some R&R and a little indulgence are all part of the vacation experience am I right? Girls like that stuff. We also love lots of other things, but to keep it honest here it needed to be said.

Bali 2014

Bali seems to be a good fit for both of us, because we can afford to both be really happy and indulge a little bit more than we could in other places, while still adventuring. Here's what I am looking forward to:

  • Massages, mani pedis, spas, pools, and beautiful accommodations (often for jaw-dropping  affordable prices)
  • Jungles, waterfalls, rice terraces, good food, yoga, boating,  swimming, beaching and hiking to wet the adventure appetite (i will be donning very different attire than shown above for these kinds of days) ;)
  • Culture, art, handmade craftsmanship, and a different approach to life to sink into and experience for 2 weeks.

We're  very grateful to have been offered a place to stay by Tyler's family (closer to the North side of the island) and plan to do day/overnight trips to Ubud, Seminyak, Uluwatu and the Gili Islands.

We have spent many a day dreaming about Thailand, Bali, Japan and far away places, but neither Tyler or I  have ever visited any of the SE Asian/Asian countries, soooooo we would love to hear from anyone who can share their tips and impart their travel savvy on us! 

If you have been to Bali please feel free to comment on food spots, places to stay, things to see and just anything you can think we might want to know! You can leave a comment here or send me an email at

Can't wait to share photos & experiences with you guys!