This is 30

I'm late to the posting party. Way back in March, the 3rd to be exact, we celebrated Tyler's 30th birthday. Growing old with someone can be a very unique, sometimes profound experience. We have spent years as a couple amassing an immense catalogue of memories together, yet it still feels as though time has passed in the blink of en eye. I could swear that it was just yesterday that Tyler and I were meeting for the first time - his long dark hair and a flirtatious smile, my long hair and that kind of youthfulness that nothing but true youth can provide. Now here we are, both babies of '85 turning 30 this year.

Thirty feels like a big, scary Birthday of doom hey? In my opinion it's mostly because popular culture ascribes some ridiculous expectations to it. Is your career reaching new heights? Are you partnered up with your forever someone? Have you reached your goals? Are you ready to transition into adulthood and away from youth? Man, with all these pressures and expectations it's shocking that anyone could celebrate their 30th Birthday with true exuberance. A healthy dose of reality reminds us all these 'true milestones' can change or be taken away in an instant. The secret to life (in my now almost 30 years of experience - lol) is in knowing that it rarely works out the way you think it's going to.

One of the things I love the most about the man I've chosen to be with is his youthful spirit. He is truly hilarious (to me at least), throws caution to the wind often, loves risk and pretty much laughs in the face of aging. These personality traits in no way affect his drive, capability, wisdom, intellect or ability to 'grow up'. In  truth, I did for a short time wonder if he really just didn't want to 'grow up' (why thank you Peter Pan syndrome). But I have come to realize his approach is more of a strategic method: to stay positive and retain the youthful excitement that we often lose as life becomes harder and tends to jade us. He has taught me the importance of defining your own age, living each day to the fullest and dreaming big for what is to come. The result of this is aging gracefully in a way only someone who is unaware of age can truly do.

So for his 30th Birthday instead of focusing on being more mature, which we have to do everyday anyways. I thought it would be more fun to throw an indoor camping party. Vancouver wasn't nice enough yet to trust that outdoor camping weather would hold up. So instead we built a tent inside, roasted marshmallows by the fire and caught up with a few friends in our own home. We even slept in the tent in the front room in sleeping bags after the night came to a close.

We're lucky to be growing old together. I smile to think about a time when our silvers might be plentiful and our skin may be creased by a multitude of fine lines from years of smiling at one another, and we might be lucky enough to be laughing our way into edlder-dom together. For now I'm good with 30. And to be honest, it seems pretty f'ing young in the real spectrum of things.

To build the tent we used the following:

  • 4 equal pieces of 1" dowel - length was around 5' each (these are the 'legs' of the tent)
  • 1 long piece of 1" dowel - about 6'
  • 1 large canvas pain drop cloth (hardware store)
  • Cotton Rope (hardware store)
  • 8 small wood screws
  1. With a friend take two of the smaller pieces of dowel. Criss-cross them about 4/5 of the way up and then place the larger dowel on top of the x (parallel to the x). Putting it on carpet to do this (and after) will keep the legs of the tent from splaying.
  2. Next, while holding them in place, lash them together (one friend holds, one friend lashes). Lashing basically means going back and forth and around with the rope until it is super secure.
  3. After these are solid, get the other two 5' pieces of dowel and do the same thing at the other end of the 6' dowel. Now you have the structure of the tent.
  4. Now fold the canvas and drape it over the frame. We left extra at the ends to cover the screws we used in the next step.
  5. Use 2 screws per leg to fasten the canvas to the wood legs- 1 at the top, 1 at the bottom.
  6. Fold the extra canvas (Step 4) back over the screw - and you're done!