A good book + a cozy nook

A few weeks back I took some photos of our sunroom to share with our Vancouver-based-blog friends over at Treasures & Travels for their fun series titled  "A Month of Home". This is my favourite nook in our home and it was a great excuse to pull the daybed out fully - which I hadn't done since we built it in the Summer.  Nothing better than a great spot to curl up and read a book or have a nap. Check out some photos below, along with before photos and the idea board that started before all the change.

Here's a photo of the front sunroom just before we moved in and I got my hands on it:

I posted a bit about my 'Sunroom Wish List' in June of 2014 (picture below). That board had my ideas and dreams for this room. But, when bringing dreams to reality there's always a bit of compromise. For example, swapping the amazing mid-century style sofa out for a more functional daybed that can hosts guests overnight. I'm yet to add a bit more wood texture and some art - but everything in good time. I'm pretty happy with how things are right now.

These copper pulls from Anthropologie were an easy way to make the Ikea bed a little less 'ikea'.