Kentucky Lake for One Night

I've heard, lately very frequently, that social media and instagram in particular portray lives that are an illusion, fabricated completely for show. I can admit, I've often wondered how do people attain these lives that seem to be made up of fun and free time with a complete lack of responsibilities? Even using my feed as an example: I'm sure people wonder if i have a job or any real-life responsibilities....

I mean life depicted through rose-coloured glasses at every waking moment just can't be real... can it?

The answers is yes .... and no.

I have a real life. I have a job and I have responsibilities. But, at this moment, my means of attaining income doesn't define who I am. It's a tool to produce what I need to enjoy life and foster new experiences.

In my humble opinion, these communities are about fostering positivity, creativity and growth. It's about sharing new experiences and hopefully inspiring others to step outside their comfort zone.

I make a huge effort in my off time to make the most of my life. That's mostly what people see. So my photos may not be 100% of my 'real life', but they are 100% of the things that excite me and inspire me - the parts i want to share with the community. In tangible life you can never know 100% of another person - and who would want to? A little mystery is always a good thing.

Let's get real together. I don't have all the hours in the world to do what I want - I mean heck, I doubt anyone does. But I'll be damned if I'm going to waste those precious hours I do have. Striving to make those hours count is what makes life exciting.

There is ALWAYS enough time to make new memories. There is ALWAYS time to live life and enjoy it for what it is and get what you want out of it. There's ALWAYS time to see and share the good. And when you don't feel inspired to do so, it's always good to surround yourself with people who will help you get the kick in the butt you need to get there.

So here's where this thought train meets up with this post.

My weekends are short, but with a good attitude, a lot can be accomplished.

2 days, 1 night, 1 bad Vancouver weather report = 1 great, quick road trip/hiking/camping experience

1 great memory to add to the brain bank.

A short, three hour drive to a place just past Merritt brought us out of the rain and straight to a gem of a spot that we'd never explored.

Sometimes the best way to plan a trip is to look at the weather and look at a map - in this case for us we were looking for a lake. We found a blue dot and headed forward. It brought us to a spot way more beautiful than either of us expected.

Sadly, there was no swimming in this lake. The ground became soft, muddy and quicksand-like as soon as you get near the water's edge. I definitely sunk in up to my knees and that scared me enough to be deterred from trying again. Oh well, the view alone was good enought for me.

It was only a weekend, but it was a seriously good one. Hope there's lots more of this to come this Summer!