FREE Digital Wallpapers

I know I'm not the only one that appreciates seeing a pretty desktop background on my computer when I sit down to start working. I also love a little glimpse of my favourite pieces of art on my phone screen when I pop it open during the day. 

I'm actually a hang-a-phobe. I love so much art that I have trouble to committing to putting a nail in my wall for any one piece - It's possible I'll want something completely different a few days later. So, digital art that fits on my lovely Mac desktop is the perfect way to showcase what I'm into at the moment and inspire me to keep working hard.

So, I made you guys some free desktop wallpapers for you to use on your computers or phones. Hope you like 'em and please feel free to share! -Laura xo

DIRECTIONS: click the photo you like. The full size image will open in a new tab. Right click to 'save as' and voila! You've got an image saved and all you have to do is set it as your background.

*If you're using these on a phone I recommend flipping them to fit the screen better :)